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It is easier to protect your appliances from scale build-up than you can imagine Siliphos has been serving the water industry for more than 30 years and is an economic and reliable water treatment system for potable and industrial water. Polyphosphates have long been used as an alternative form of hard water treatment.


RUNXIN 63B1 Water Softener

Solve your water hardness and scale problems the efficient way and save money! Many water supplies in South Africa have damaging levels of calcium and magnesium making up hard water. This hard water will cause scale build up and corrosion on your plumbing and fixtures. It also shortens the life of clothes and other fabrics.

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The Mega Char is designed to remove sediment, tastes, odours, chlorine and volatile organic compounds from water entering your home. It comprises of a 50 litre fiberglass vessel and valve with manual rinse and backwash facilities. The vessel can withstand pressures up to 8 bar. Absolutely Pure Water only uses the highest quality of granular activated carbon and filter sand.