Mobile Water Purifier

Ideal for Outdoor and 4X4 Enthusiasts:

  • Pure water anywhere and any time while on tour! Safe for babies to drink.
  • Pure drinking water as the end result.
  • Collect water in a container direct from a dam or river while fishing or hunting and purify it.
  • When traveling or touring purify water from any source.
  • Purifier can be connected to electrical socket (220V) or cigarette lighter in a vehicle (12V).
  • The Roadrunner can also conveniently be installed at home to supply purified water for drinking, cooking and ice.
  • The Roadrunner can deliver upto 240 litres of purified water per day.
  • The Roadrunner is designed to give peace of mind for travelers and home owners and guarantees water free of viruses, bacteria, parasites and endocrine disruptive chemicals.



TFC Membrane 80 GPD / 290 LPD
Operating Pressure 5 – 100 psi
0,3 – 6,0 bar
Dimensions (cm) 37(l) x 45(h) x 20(w) – system
28(l) x 35(h) x 28(w) – tank
Weight 9 kg – system
4kg – tank